Online Trader:Finance, Manager, Accounting, Programmer- Work from Home

About Maverick Trading
Maverick Trading, established in 1997, is a proprietary trading firm that focuses on equity and index options. We are currently seeking motivated and teachable individuals to be a trading representative and trade on behalf of the firm with the firm's capital. We have some of the greatest traders in the business with backgrounds ranging from former floor traders, stock brokers and financial planners to sales professionals, accountants, computer programmers, and engineers.
Trading Representative Duties
Our traders are expected to execute proper risk management and protect the capital of the firm. We are firm believers that risk management is the key to long-term consistency and success in trading. Your main responsibility will be to produce profits for the firm and earn periodic increases in trading capital. Upon completion of training, each trader will trade firm capital and keep 70-80% of profits generated. Most traders work from home or their personal offices on a full or part-time basis. Profitable traders will earn higher levels of trading capital over time and garner higher profit splits with the firm. Online Traders work remotely from various locations. Once a trader establishes a track record with the firm, they will be trading with enough capital to potentially earn over $100,000 per year.
The lifestyle of a successful trader is highly desired. Trading is a profession that has unlimited earnings potential and allows traders to benefit from their results rather than their time. With advances in technology, trading can be done almost anywhere from multiple devices which allows for flexible hours and the ability to travel freely.
Additional benefits of the position include:
Positive trading environment
Part-time or Full-time opportunities
Best tools, technology and training in the industry provided
Daily Online meetings, training, coaching and mentoring
Flexible scheduling that suits your personal needs
Work from home

Entry-level Traders should have at least some understanding of how the economic environment works and how Wall Street operates. We primarily trade derivatives, but understanding stocks and commodities is also crucial. You must be passionate, committed and trainable. Day trading, quantitative trading, scalping and algorithm generation are all valid skills; however, our methodology uses different time frames and strategies that deviate from most high-frequency or automated trading. A college degree or prior trading experience may be helpful, but is not necessary.
Additional requirements of the role include:
Strong finance and current market knowledge, a plus
Background in corporate finance, financial analysis, economics, risk management or accounting, a plus
Great time management and organazational skills
Computer programming in API languages such as Java and UNIX/Linux, a plus
Prior Trading Experience, a plus

Successful employees in this role have previous experience in the following financial and non-financial professions:
Accounting, Economics, Banking, Finance, Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Mathematics, Investment Advisor, Stock Broker, Financial Planner
Corporate Business Leadership, Human Resources, Public Speaker, Teacher/Professor, Coach, Copywriter, Law/Medical
Sales Management, Organizational Executive, Website development, Professional poker player, Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Statistics, Human Psychology
Engineer, Computer Programmer, Information Technology Technician, Sales and Marketing, Real Estate and Insurance Agents


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Base Pay $50,000.00 - $500,000.00 /Year - Results based on trading profits generated
Employment Type Full-Time, Part Time

Don't Be Fooled

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